Competition Rules

EKCC Internal Competition Rules

  • There are two competition categories. Level A (Intermediate/Advanced) and Level B (Beginner/Intermediate). New members may be asked to show some recent work so as to place them in the right category. Members placed in the level B will remain so for the duration of the season. Not all competitions run both categories. Level B members that have had a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing in the league will automatically move up the following season. Other members may also be moved up if the committee feels they should. All Level B members will be told at the end of the season which level they will be in for the following season. Each Member has the right to appeal if not happy with the outcome before the next season starts.
  • All Competition entries should have been produced in the last two years (whether it is from a negative, slide or digital file). Older images may be accepted at the Competition Secretary’s discretion where the content is not obviously of a dated appearance.
  • The Print or Digital Image should not have been used in any previous seasons’ internal competitions. However selection is at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.
  • A print or digital image with a placing of 1st 2nd or 3rd in a previous competition in this season will not be accepted in any other competitions that season except the Annual Competition.
  • A print or digital image will not be accepted in the Annual if it has been in any previous Annual Competition.
  • Print Size, including mount, should not exceed 400mm X 500mm (16 x 20ins). Prints out with this size will not be accepted.
  • Digital images should not exceed 1400 pixels horizontally and should not exceed 1050 pixels vertically. Click here to view Digital Image Sizes PDF.
  • All images, Print and Digital should be marked thus:
    Level (A or B)_Title_members number_Order of preference.
    One being your first choice and three being your least. Example: A_Rainy Day_24_1
    Digital entries must be in “JPG” format and set to “SRGB” colour.
    Images in “TIFF” will not be accepted.

    Members can enter up to 3 images per competition. If there are too many entries for the judge, the Competition Secretary will remove the highest numbered images to produce a more manageable amount.

 It is the responsibility of members to ensure images comply fully before submitting entries. If you have any difficulty with this, please speak to one of our more experienced members of the Club, who will be glad to help.

  • Digital images are sent by the COMPETITIONS UPLOADER
    on the secondary menu during the entry dates for each competition. Entries out with these dates are at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.
  • Submission of entries: Prints should be put in the appropriate portfolio case provided for them and must be removed from all plastic bags or packaging. Please ensure also that any Velcro tabs are removed from backs of prints so as not to scratch any other photographer’s prints. Any prints with loose mountings or masking tape may be removed from entering or returned to member for fixing.
  • Images submitted for competitions may be used by and for the club for various events throughout the season; such events being print or digital image competitions against other clubs, SPF & GDPU or for the purposes of advertising the club; such events will be mentioned at club meetings.
  • Copyright of images must be that of the photographer who has entered the work. Anyone found infringing copyright shall be disqualified from all remaining competitions of the season and results from already entered shall be nullified.
  • Entries shall normally be returned at the end of the competition. Unclaimed entries will be kept for later collection from the Competition Secretary.